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Meet Sophia…

Sophia is a mother of three adorable teenagers, educator, RTT practitioner and mindset coach, based in South-East Queensland, working with individuals and groups both in person and online around the world.

She grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, the eldest of 4 children (although an only child for the first 10 years) and loved dancing, singing, acting, art, craft and nature, as well as developing a deep interest and fascination about metaphysics from a very young age.

She remembers thinking at the age of four, “Why aren’t we all performing miracles just like Jesus did? Afterall, he said that all we had to do was BELIEVE.” But when she tried to discuss these things with the adults around her, her ideas were abruptly dismissed and she quickly learned to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself.
What ensued was a secret (and not so secret) long battle with depression, anxiety and disordered eating.

Seeking help from a variety of mainstream and alternative health practitioners, Sophia made intermittent progress over a 35 year period, learning many valuable life lessons and mindset strategies along the way. But when she had a sudden and unexpected relapse into depression in early 2017, she vowed to find the root cause of her problems and the permanent solution to stay well with a fierce dedication, determination and commitment. Enough was enough!

It was then that she met world-renowned British therapist, Marisa Peer. Learning Marisa’s technique of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) literally saved Sophia’s life!

She now helps people from all walks of life to create a lifelong healthy, loving relationship with food and eating, overcome addiction, and instill phenomenal self-confidence and healthy self-esteem.

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