• How powerful Astrology is and how you can use to it live a happy and complete life – living your true purpose

  • How to interpret Astrology so that you alway know the right time to act so life becomes oh so much simpler

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Meet Muriel…

My name is Muriel Braun and I am the creator and CEO of “Astrolife Be In Sync with the Universe”

I started Astrology about 40 years ago, I have worked with some of the greatest astrologists who look after presidents and now I run workshops, events and retreats around Australia and around the world.

I do readings every day in person if possible or via Skype and messenger if outside of Australia.

I have a book coming out, am starting to work with the Medias and I will have another retreat in Bali this September 2019 and one in New-Caledonia in January 2020, you are very much welcome to come with us.

I also give readings for free on my Facebook group the weekly forecasts for everyone who wants to join.

The way I do astrology works to the day and people if they are connected can have a very complete and happy life doing their purpose and doing their actions at the right time which makes everything much simpler.

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