• How to discover what your soul desires you to manifest into your reality now + create the crystal clear vision of what this looks and FEELS like.

  • How to cultivate inner conditions for HAVING so that you can fast track your manifestations

PLUS will walk away with 3 powerful rituals to switch on your ‘Abundance Gene’ and activate your vision!

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Meet Liz…

Liz Gallagher works with women all over the world, inspiring them to create their own EPIC and abundant life, get a crystal clear vision of what this looks like and then hold them accountable so it becomes reality.

For those who need labels, Liz is a Start-up Biz Coach for Courageous Light Shiners, Intuitive Graphic / Web Designer, Online Marketing Maven and Certified Life Coach as well as Mind Detox & Intuitive EFT Practitioner.

For those who go by vibe, Liz is an Epic Story Changer + Majik Maker and honestly just a girl who totally has your back.

She is on mission to shake up others to the truth that we can all radically change our experiences on this Earth….. AND play a huge part in raising the collective consciousness by changing the borrowed stories (especially the BS ones around money and health) that are keeping us stuck.

Liz has built up a strong reputation of helping her clients to heal past trauma, limiting beliefs and old stories embedded in their DNA using her unique healing techniques so that they can easily get out of their own way, live their life purpose and intuitively walk this path of complete and true alignment, confidence, love, abundance and fulfilment.

The fire for her mission came after nearly losing her new baby twice, then the scary news that ‘labeled’ her daughter with the ‘borrowed’ story that she would have a short and difficult time on Earth.

After facing these fears head on, Liz was guided to create her own story – one that has a happy ending – and the results of this quantum leap have been profound.

Fast forward 4 & ½ years and Liz’s daughter is thriving.

Liz has proven that Neuroplasticity and epigenetics are real, quantum leaps are real, our intuition is NEVER wrong and that we really can have what we want.

Liz now loves teaching everything she knows so that you too can have the EPIC life that you have been craving.

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