• What the Millennium Grid® and Millennium Calendar® Sacred Geometry are.
  • How you can use these to manifest easily and effectively according to your own personal purpose

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Meet Jean…

Jean Sheehan is an Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker of Medical Intuition and 4 time Amazon Best-selling author.

As a Nurse Jean knew the body was capable of anything when applying integrative care and applied the laws of Quantum Physics to the body and ascension body. Having the ability to see within a human body, Jean was known as the WALKING TALKING MRI.

She accurately teaches her clients and students about disease and what is really happening on all levels of health. She believes your HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.

Travelling the globe, Jean teaches Medical Intuition at Universities, Health Professionals, Cruise Ships and Businesses. Her style is unique and she captures people at heart.

Her knowledge of all things Metaphysical and Medical Intuition leave everyone speechless and eagerly wanting more and on HIGH VIBES!

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