Having a Tea Party with your Girlfriends? Or a Champagne High Tea?

Remember to invite Taryn Claire along to share some TiTbits about her breast cancer learnings. The more you Know&Understand of the process, the less you’ll fear.

Find yourself having fun AND learning about something that affects 1 in 8 women. Sooner or later someone Near&Dear to you will be affected.

Suppose it is you?

So why book Taryn Claire for Tea&TiTbits?

Because it will be FUN! Taryn Claire’s humour and sense of mischief keeps a topic like breast cancer light.

Be informed and become empowered.

We all know that you really do care about your friends knowing what signs to look out for, which ultimately means that being proactive is better than being reactive.

Imagine if you were to get breast cancer; wouldn’t you want your friends to know how to best support and look after you?

As we age, our risk increases, which means ignorance is not so bliss.

When breast cancer is found early the statistics are great, stage 1 is highly treatable. Realise that knowledge is power.

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