Unlock your True Potential



A four week ONLINE Spiritual Intensive with Taryn Claire Le Nu, beginning on Sunday 9th June.


If you’ve been feeling STUCK then THIS is for YOU!

If you feel like you haven’t been living up to your POTENTIAL then THIS is for YOU!

If you’ve been feeling WORTHLESS then THIS is for YOU!


We will get together via zoom (online video program similar to skype) once a week in June for a powerful 1-1.5 hours where I will coach you to stop the excuses and just plain get out of your own way to reach those goals that you put on your subconscious list of niggly things you’re wishing to Shift&Change.

You will leave each session with clarity and clear steps that you are to take before our next session.

This will be an ideal way to access working with me without the price of a private session. I have developed a powerful way to push my clients out of their comfort zone in the most loving and supportive way.

I have developed a successful process to help my beautiful clients move out of fear that have been keeps them stuck, locked and weighed down and right into love, Doing&Living a life that is always aligned with their highest good. And I have a reputation of being able to do this very fast!

So, if you check in with your physiological response to this message RIGHT NOW and you feel some goosies, a little flutter in your heart or even that butterfly feeling in your belly right now – then keep reading Gorgeous Soul!

I have spent the last 2 years deep in the Grief, Trauma and Shock world of breast cancer.

I have been immersed in Overwhelm, Vulnerability, Hopelessness and, often times, feeling Trapped.

My years of Experience, Insights and Knowledge with clients kicked in and helped me master the Switch from Fear and into Love. I built Tried&Tested ways for myself to move forward while equally helping newly diagnosed cancer patients to do the same.

I can help you do this too and you don’t have to have a cancer diagnosis to start practicing this!



Topics covered each week will be Fluid&Guided, based on what YOU require – though the Intention is to include the following:

⇢Aligning with your Soul Purpose

⇢ Working with Moon Cycle Energy

⇢Tools to Support you

⇢How to tap into your Intuition n

⇢ Creating an Abundance Mindset

⇢Moving through Fears in a quick and easy way

Plus, each week I will do the amazing (and revealing) energetic scan that I do with my private coaching clients to identify the Negative Life Patterns, Negative Emotions and Negative Belief Systems that are blocking and keeping you stuck.

Above all else, I will guide you to step into who you really came here to be, so that you can experience a sense of being on your path and the deep trust that you are doing what you are meant to do.

If you have been getting the nudge, signs and synchronicities to make some changes that you’ve perhaps been ignoring, them please take this as your gentle tap on your shoulder … that you are MEANT to do something now!

Trust me when I say from experience that if you ignore these whispers then they will eventually shout until you finally do something!

I will hold your energetic hand and guide you to achieve See, Feel and Know things that you never thought you would be able to do on your own, we are in this together.