Taryn Claire grew up in South Africa as the bossy older sister of four girls, moving to Australia at the end of high school and going on to study a Bachelor of Management at James Cook University.

When she met her Beloved, a GP, at age twenty, they moved to Perth, followed by a rural medicine quest to Exmouth and Tasmania, landing back in Queensland to have a family.

After her eldest son was diagnosed with cancer at age three, her interests radically expanded to include nutritional health and spiritual wellbeing.

Taryn Claire went on to study forensic healing, became a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master, did a raw chef course and developed a strong interest in all things psychic and mediumship. She has been working as an energy and spiritual consultant in Townsville, helping people connect to their spiritual side.

Both Taryn Claire and her husband work in health but on opposite ends of the spectrum, balancing each other out beautifully.

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